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Village of Wilmette  
Wilmette Public Library
Wilmette Theatre
Wilmette Harbor
Ted McKenna - Trustee Elect    
Ted McKenna
"Common Sense And Experience For Wilmette"

Thank you to everyone that participated in this campaign. 
It will be an honor to serve you.  

Thank you to Lali Watt, Alan Swanson and Cameron Krueger
for making this a thoughtful race.

April 7, 2009 Election Results
Wilmette Village Trustee
4 Candidates - Vote for 3
Precincts Counted: 32 of 32 (100.00%)
Candidate Votes %  
Ted McKenna 2,394 30.45%  
Alan Swanson 2,247 28.58%  
Cameron Krueger 1,950 24.80%  
Lali Watt 1,272 16.18%  
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